I Got a Snuggie

It finally happened. And I couldn't be happier.

I'm on the left. @EvanBlake is on the right. Whoa.

PodCamp Boulder Day 2 - THRILLER

Day 2 of PodCamp Boulder ended with easily the coolest demonstration/discussion ever: How to do the dance from Thriller.

Led by the wonderful Mimi, we learned a series of moves (zombie walk, sumo steps, scary sideways hands) and were able to complete the dance reasonably well.

Here's a video of the Podcamp crew getting our Thriller on. I'm on the very far left, but I am out of frame for most of the clip. My dancemoves would have melted your screen anyway...

Here's another video of us learning Thriller. It's much longer and way more awkward. I have caught myself practicing my moves when no one's looking.

PodCamp Boulder 2009 - Day 1

I attended the first day of PodCamp Boulder less than an hour ago. It was my first PodCamp, and I had no idea how loose and open it would be. I drank a bunch of PBR.

PodCamp is an "unconference," where attendees decide which topics they would like to talk about on the spot. You write down ideas on a big whiteboard and then you plot the talks you would like to deliver on a time chart. At the Boulder PodCamp, there were around 40 people and the general theme was new media.

There are some amazing discussions planned for tomorrow. "Social Network Etiquette," "How to Dance to Thriller" and "WordPress Plugins" - just as a sample.

I will be presenting on "Social Gaming," which is the movement in video gaming where people interact with each other to achieve a goal, collaborate or just to make gaming more social. It's nothing too groundbreaking, but I am passionate about it based on my experiences with World of Warcraft (11 million players and growing).

I elected to speak for only 30 minutes tomorrow. I hope no one throws a shoe at me.

(Photo by Andrew Hyde)

My Personality According to Emergenetics

I don't think about my personality very much. As far as I can tell, it's an amalgam of North Texas friskiness blended with Boulder-based elitism. As part of my job, I had to take an Emergenetics assessment to determine my work preferences.

Here are the results:

I am blue/green, meaning I prefer analysis and structure. Given my aptitude and obsession with technology and general geekery, it makes a lot of sense. In a work setting, I am best suited for research and mapping out the best way to approach something step-by-step.

It also means I'm a robot.

My total lack of social preference kinda freaks me out and only reinforces my "I AM A ROBOT" hypothesis. Has anyone else taken an Emergenetics assessment? Are there any other robots out there?

New Google Favicon Looks Like Simon

Amid all the coverage of Google's new favicon (yes, it merits lots of coverage), none of the posts I've read has mentioned the creepy similarity between the new logo and the game Simon from my childhood.

Here's the new favicon (with its predecessors):

And here is Simon:

I always hated Simon. I was never very good at it, which prompted my peers to challenge me over and over again. I was much better at Connect Four. I should have turned pro.

Are Calzones Actually Burritos in Disguise?

I have finished Day 7 of my year without burritos. I'm feeling pretty confident, but the first few days were a little rough.

Whenever I would go out for food, my feet would steer me toward burritos. It was like they were little fleshy magnets, drawn to a burrito motherlode. With my feet having turned against me, I began to despair.

Then I discovered calzones. Oh, delicious calzones! They are melty cheesy crazy. Stuffed with delicious fillings. About the size of a baby. They are almost...burrito-esque?

Are calzones actually burritos - but with a different accent? Am I lying to myself by thinking I am sampling exotic cuisine when I am actually eating burrito's crispier cousin, the calzone?

I haven't come to a conclusion yet. I feel like I've been betrayed!

Cookie Monster Attacks World Trade Center

The internets never fail to provide disturbing remnants from the past. I found this via Digg a few minutes ago.

Apparently, "Sesame Street" had its own magazine in the '70s. This is the cover from the October 1976 issue:

This was totally harmless and adorable back then. Today, it totally freaks me out.

I wonder how many more gems will be unearthed as people dig through their attics and warm up their scanners...

2009 Resolution: No More Burritos

I'm not wild about New Year's resolutions. For each one that sticks, there are a dozen that fade away as old habits persist. That's why I'm only making a single resolution this year.

I am going to stop eating burritos.

You know the felons I'm talking about: wrapped in foil, available everywhere, about the size of a baby. In Boulder alone, you can find them at Qdoba (2 locations), Chipotle (2 locations), Illegal Pete's (2 locations) and Big City Burrito (1 location). (Yes, burritos are available at just about every Mexican restaurant, but I'm talking about the baby-size, fast food variety.)

I eat burritos all the time. It's my go-to food source when I'm hungry. Being Latino probably has something to do with it (lol!), but it's a habit that I need to break. Not solely for dietary reasons, but because there has to be something else to eat.

I have met burrito people. I want to meet pita people. Or pancake people. Or pasta people.

In 2009, I want to explore other eating options and discover the breadth of America as it relates to fast-casual dining.

Gingerbread Batman

Sprint put together a Facebook app that lets people create their own gingerbread man. You can use different kinds of icing, candy pieces and sprinkles to create a custom piece of edible Internet jetsam. I love the idea and spent way too much time on this.

I made a Gingerbread Batman:

This is easily the coolest thing I've ever made. I wonder if this is what having a baby is like. Considerably less frosting, I would wager.

Christmas Wrap-Up

I honestly didn't intend to go a month without blogging, so sorry about that. I got sidetracked with lots of dumb stuff but hope to write more often in 2009.

Either way, Christmas 2008 was not a great one. Largely because I did not get what I wanted.

However, that disappointment is surrounded by a lot of awesome other happenings that have salvaged the year. They include:

  • Meeting more geeks in Boulder and Denver.
  • Typing faster (if that's possible).
  • Discovering that Adidas Sambas are the perfect shoes.
  • Positioning my iPhone as the axis of my social life.
  • Taking myself less seriously.

(And for those WoW Heads that read this, I hit level 80 on my main and am now working on my alts. Woo!)

So...yeah. Very spicy year. My ears are still ringing.