Learning How to Make Animated GIFs - Pt. 3

Getting a little better. I meant to add "DEAL WITH IT" to this one, but I'm happy with the animation (mostly). I need to figure out how to make it slower. I suppose I could duplicate the frames...

Photoshopping Your Friends for Fun and Profit

This is a photo of Shaq and Andrew Hyde (the Best Man at my wedding). 

Or is it?

Publishing on LinkedIn

I have ignored my blog in favor of writing things on LinkedIn's publisher. Which I think is called Pulse. I'm not 100% sure. 

I'm truly sorry. I'll get better about that.

In the meantime, check out this wicked handshake image I found!

The New Foursquare Logo

Foursquare has a new logo. It's meant to mimic a map pinpoint and a superhero font.

I think it's pretty sweet. And I'm partial to the letter F. So I made this for myself:

The New Airbnb Logo Looks Like Clippy

This is the new Airbnb logo.

I think it looks like Clippy after throwing his back out. 


Learning How to Make Animated GIFs - Pt. 2

I should have tried to make my eyes blink. Another time, another time.


Learning How to Make Animated GIFs

I have resolved to learn how to make animated GIFs because it's probably worth more than my degree. (I kid! I kid!)

Here's experiment No. 1:


I'm tickled pink.

Your Brand Means Less to Peeps

Some heartbreaking numbers from Adweek

(Click for larger version)


Rick Ross is the Red Teletubbie

It's true.


YouTube Asking Questions About Interests?

I may have missed this before, but is anyone else seeing questions pop up when you visit YouTube? Specifically about things you may be interested in?

I went to YouTube a few minutes ago, and the first thing on the page (after an ad about Superman at the top of the screen) was a question asking me if I like World of Warcraft:

Which I do. Of course. Who doesn't?

I presume this is a way for YouTube to recommend better content for me, based on what I've watched recently. But I figured stuff like that took place in the background, so I was a little surprised to see it manifest explicitly on the page.