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TEDxBoulder 2011

As usual, I got too busy and neglected to do a write-up of TEDxBoulder (an event I helped found and organize), which returned for its second year a week ago. With close to 1,800 people in attendance, it's easily the largest event I've ever been involved in.

TEDx Boulder-318

From a design standpoint, it was a new peak for our team. Everything looked amazing - from the stage design, to the venue itself. I'd always wanted to be on the stage at Macky Auditorium (I'm a CU alum), and I finally got my chance, if only for a few fleeting seconds when I decided to show the crowd the little bear pin I happened to be sporting that night.

TEDx Boulder

Our theme for the evening was Time & Change. However, the primary tenet I took away from the evening was to never stop making. Make more time. Make more change. Make more things. (Epitomized by Threadless founder Jake Nickell's talk that night, replicated here - and below)


If you were there, thanks for spending your evening with us. You have no idea how much I fret about filling all those seats. It's always a huge relief to see them slowly filled with friends and soon-to-be friends. If you weren't able to make it, we'll do it again next year. Maybe we'll have have a bouncy castle outside or something.

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Special thanks and hugs to Kimya Dawson, who performed that night. The next day at brunch, we discovered our mutual love for "Step Up 3D." (Best movie ever, son.)

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TEDxBoulder + Good Apples

I was delighted to see Good Apples' incredible work on display today on the Denver Egotist. They designed the program for TEDxBoulder (which doubled as each attendee's badge) and are having their work featured in the 2011 Communication Arts Design Annual.

As one of the organizers of TEDxBoulder, I'm instantly reminded of how special our inaugural year was. I can't wait to do it again on Sept. 24 at Macky Auditorium. (Tickets on sale now!)

[Image credit: Good Apples]