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Newton Shoes for Flat Footed Running

After tweeting about my flat feet, I got many helpful responses, one of which has led me to Newton Running and the shoes below:

I plan on heading over to the Newton shop in downtown Boulder in a few hours, where I'll try them on and see what the scoop is. I understand that Newton espouses a different style of running than "normal" running. Something about striking the ground with your forefoot instead of your heel. 

I don't know much about all this, but if I can pull off wearing bright yellow shoes, it will be gamechanging for people who say things like "gamechanging."

Running with Flat Feet

I'm totally an overpronator. I'm told that means I have flat feet. Which I do. My feet are insanely flat. 

Since I live in Boulder, I have many friends that run. I would like to join them, but running bums my feet out a bunch. They hurt, yo. A couple years ago, I went to the Boulder Running Company and picked out a pair of Nike Zoom Nucleus MC+ shoes after having my stride recorded and analyzed:

I confess they haven't gotten as much use as I'd initially intended. Lately, I've wanted to run more because the weather's nice again and the birds are chirping obcenities at me from the trees. I wish the shoes I'd picked were a bit lighter. They feel bulky. Thoughts or recommendations?

Nuts, Bolts, More Nuts, More Bolts

I'd like to blog a bit more, but I hate Squarespace's default commenting system. So I installed Disqus.

And now all my comments are gone. Which is very boo. So please pardon the mess while I figure this out.

In other news, I recently bought fresh new sneaks. Peep 'em:

Fresh New Pumas 

I bought some shoes over the weekend - a green suede pair of Puma Ligas. I'm not sure about the laces, though.

I think the yellow laces might be a little much. People might expect me to be way more jubilant than I actually am. I might swap them out with some black laces that I can pull off an old pair.

What do you think?