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Wifi Access in Exchange for a Facebook Like

I was at the gym recently and wanted to use their wifi, since my workouts are dependent on Spotify and punk rock in equal measure. A few taps on my phone, and it became obvious that the price for using the gym's wifi was Liking their Facebook page. 

I hadn't encountered this particular scheme before. I'll admit, I thought it was fiendishly clever. 

I assented and thus became a fan of theirs on the 'book. Marketing triumphs again. 

These are my gym kicks, by the way. 

Branded Energy Drinks at Got Game Conference Amsterdam

I attended Day 1 of the first annual Got Game Conference in Amsterdam. Dedicated to "perpetuating and growing the video game industry through the exchange of knowledge and ideas," the event provided an excellent opportunity to meet the local gaming community as well as some big-brained industry visitors. 

The best part, however, was the branded energy drinks that were given to attendees. 

I haven't seen this before, but it's a fantastic marketing idea, given the audience of app developers and gamers.

I don't know how much they cost to produce (I have an email out to the event director to find out), but it's something I wish I would have done for the last Boulder Startup Week -- though there's a good chance that Boulder's health-conscious nerds would have run me out of town for trying to pump poison into their veins.


Twitter Marketing and Pandas

I contributed to a group interview on the Trada blog about How to Market Your Business on Twitter and ended up mentioning pandas and something I described as programmatic slime:

What I meant was that if you're a little too clinical and precise about your Twitter strategy, you may make folks queasy. It's the same principle as the uncanny valley. Just as humans are better when they be real, so are conversations.

Here's a panda: