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Branded Energy Drinks at Got Game Conference Amsterdam

I attended Day 1 of the first annual Got Game Conference in Amsterdam. Dedicated to "perpetuating and growing the video game industry through the exchange of knowledge and ideas," the event provided an excellent opportunity to meet the local gaming community as well as some big-brained industry visitors. 

The best part, however, was the branded energy drinks that were given to attendees. 

I haven't seen this before, but it's a fantastic marketing idea, given the audience of app developers and gamers.

I don't know how much they cost to produce (I have an email out to the event director to find out), but it's something I wish I would have done for the last Boulder Startup Week -- though there's a good chance that Boulder's health-conscious nerds would have run me out of town for trying to pump poison into their veins.


Amsterdam - The First Two Weeks Q&A

A little over two weeks ago, Stephanie and I arrived in Amsterdam. The first few days were a blur as I personally struggled with the time change. Amsterdam is eight hours ahead of Boulder, so the 9 a.m. environment we stepped into upon arriving at the hotel was like 1 a.m. It took my body longer than I expected to adapt. 

Anywho. Here is an easily digestible Q&A for you to read:

1) What do you regret not packing?

My beard trimmer and my Newton running shoes. They're both on their way or in Customs. 

2) Any run-ins with the law?

Yes. I was questioned pointedly by the Amsterdam police after visiting some friends at Spotify. They thought I was a burglar. *Shaggy voice* It wasn't me!

3) Have you learned any Dutch?

Brood is bread. Kaas is cheese. Once I figure out how to say ham, I'll be the mayor of Sandwich Street.

4) Aren't you supposed to be posting loads of travel photos like everyone else does?

Yeah, I don't do that. Here's a bag of chips, er, crisps that I found. 

5) How is Amsterdam different from Boulder?

They like mayonnaise a lot more here. It's freaky.

Moving to Amsterdam

You know how accepting a new quest in World of Warcraft often takes you to a completely new and different continent, full of strange adversaries and stranger avenues? Life is like that. Except without as many dragons.

I am moving to Amsterdam. My remarkable girlfriend Stephanie was offered a dream job there, which she accepted with twinkling eyes and dancing toes. I will be joining her because I can't bear for her to be alone there, being wooed by unsavory Dutch lotharios.

I'll be in Boulder until early June, so all my commitments will be heroically fulfilled. But if I squeeze your hand a bit harder the next time we meet, it's because we may not do so again for a while.

If you have marvelous connections in Amsterdam, please let me know. Every adventurer needs allies.