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Growing a Mustache - Day 30

I have come to the end of the mustachioed road, friends. After giving it 30 days, I have acquiesced to my girlfriend's wishes and extinguished the bristly flame that used to burn 'neath my nose. Here are its final moments for posterity.

To refresh your memory, my old face:

And here is my sweet, sweet face after a 30-day mustache march:

A bit more close up. Gasping is fine.

The still-sparse side that never grew in completely:

And the impossibly more burly side that I refer to as "The Grotto."

It was a hoot. I like the color of it and it was fascinating to watch it fill out. However, it totally made me look way old. I'm not quite ready for that mess. Thanks for your support, my dearest Mustache Militia. Perhaps we'll play this game again in November when it's trendy to do so. 

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    Growing a Mustache - Day 30 - Ef Rodriguez - Copywriting, digital/social strategy, event director
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