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Amsterdam - The First Two Weeks Q&A

A little over two weeks ago, Stephanie and I arrived in Amsterdam. The first few days were a blur as I personally struggled with the time change. Amsterdam is eight hours ahead of Boulder, so the 9 a.m. environment we stepped into upon arriving at the hotel was like 1 a.m. It took my body longer than I expected to adapt. 

Anywho. Here is an easily digestible Q&A for you to read:

1) What do you regret not packing?

My beard trimmer and my Newton running shoes. They're both on their way or in Customs. 

2) Any run-ins with the law?

Yes. I was questioned pointedly by the Amsterdam police after visiting some friends at Spotify. They thought I was a burglar. *Shaggy voice* It wasn't me!

3) Have you learned any Dutch?

Brood is bread. Kaas is cheese. Once I figure out how to say ham, I'll be the mayor of Sandwich Street.

4) Aren't you supposed to be posting loads of travel photos like everyone else does?

Yeah, I don't do that. Here's a bag of chips, er, crisps that I found. 

5) How is Amsterdam different from Boulder?

They like mayonnaise a lot more here. It's freaky.

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