Does Eucalyptus Oil Affect Mustache Growth?

No idea. But I'm trying anyway. 

I did a few searches to see what sorts of things would quicken my mustache pace (B vitamins, getting lots of sleep, buying more socks), and one of the articles mentioned that eucalyptus oil (if applied to your face) would make it grow faster, bigger, better, stronger. 

I put some on last night before bed and awoke to... nothing. And upon application, I recoiled from the smell (which is a rare blend of smelly feet and yummy mint). I figure I'll keep putting it on each night for a week and see if growth hastens on the sides of my mouth (where I'm patchier).

I should also point out that I picked Pharmaca's version without consulting the internets. It was $4, dude.

Growing a Mustache - Day 13

I have spent the last two weeks growing a mustache. I've never grown one before. Here's my normal face:

My beard grows in pretty nicely. I've never given my mustache region the chance to shine, so I decided to take advantage of a recent bout of influenza to try it out. Thirteen days later, here's the progress:

This part on the side is pretty sparse. I am calling it the Dead Zone:

This side is a bit better. I am calling it the Grotto:

My plan is to give it a full month before determining if I was meant to rock a 'stache. Please make fun of me in the comments.

Geeking Out w/ Nintendo 3DS

I love you, Nintendo. You just made my night.

I was just sent a shiny red Nintendo 3DS, and I'm totally losing my mind over it.

I haven't owned a dedicated, portable gaming system since I had the original Game Boy when I was a kid. A big rush of old, old memories flew at me as I set it up, and I'm truly amazed by how far portables have come. It's bright, very quick and almost as sleek as my hair. 

I don't have any wicked games yet, but I played this built-in game called Argames that uses Augmented Reality and special cards to allow you to shoot dragons. I'm very familiar with AR, but I was truly smitten with Nintendo's play on it. As a dedicated World of Warcraft player (Be nice!), I'm always up for a chance to battle a dragon.

Anyway, I'm about to head to South by Southwest for a week, and the Nintendo 3DS is coming with me to keep me company at the airport and on the plane. Perfect timing. If you've got one, feel free to recommend a game or two.

Disclosure: I'm one of Nintendo's delightful brand ambassadors and was provided the item described in this post by the company. I also gave it a little smooch.

Is It Wrong to Beg for Klout? Yes, You Dummy

I just got the following DM from someone I follow on Twitter:

I don't know what kind of person would spam their follower list, begging for influence, but it's pretty gross. This is the first time I've been the recipient of a message like this (not sure how common it is), and I was pretty surprised. 

Is this a feature that's built into Klout itself? I confess I haven't had a moment to investigate to see if "Ask your friends to give you Klout!" is an option. I suspect it isn't. At any rate, I think it's pretty slimy to go around asking your followers to validate your expertise this way. 


Shopping for Groceries with Amazon Prime

In yet another attempt to be artfully lazy (a pastime enabled by technology), I am attempting to shop for groceries via Amazon Prime

If you're unfamiliar, Prime is an optional offering that gives you free 2-day shipping on lots of stuff, streaming TV shows and a few other perks for $79 a year. It's pretty awesome, though I am trying to squeeze some extra utility out of it by replacing a few trips to Safeway with a few clicks at my desk.

For my maiden Prime Grocery Voyage, I have selected an 8-pk of V8 Fusion to be delivered at my abode tomorrow. The price was cheaper than at the store and will arrive at my doorstep with zero effort of my own.

If this experiment is successful, I fully intend to list out items that I'd normally lug home from the supermarket and, instead, order them via Prime. Will this change my life and make me more attractive to woodland creatures? Yes. So much yes.

Best Cat Video Ever 

I realized my blog just *had* to have this on it. You're welcome. 

stereo skifcha from xgabberx on Vimeo.

Quoted in a Book About Manners

On page 81 of Henry Alford's new book Would It Kill You to Stop Doing That?, you will find a quote from me about the unintentionally rude questions I sometimes get when I speak to college classes about social media. 

I've never been included in a book before, so it's a thrill. I just received a copy of it, and I look forward to actually reading it because it's about manners. My manners are admittedly slapdash, but I tip nicely when dining out.

#NintendoEnthused Party at the Pug Pad

I hosted a charming little Nintendo Ice Cream Social at my place as part of the #NintendoEnthused program (whereby rad folks get to play rad games and blog/tweet/meow about it). I invited some good peeps over to play Wii Play: Motion, a collection of mini-games for the Wii that were significantly more whimsical than the Wii Sports stuff I expected from the title.

There were sweets, so much sweets!

There were also giggles, so much giggles:

The ice cream game (I think it's called Cone Zone) was especially challenging. I had long prided myself on my Cone Zone skills. Even as a small child, I knew I was destined for Cone Zone greatness. Alas, I was crushed by my peers and will have to seek my fortune elsewhere.

A huge thank you to Nintendo for making my apartment the site of much mirth. Hugely awesome evening, and I got to eat gummi bears.

Happy Birthday to Me - 2011

Fancy Headphones

...are totally worth it.

They shut out the world and let me watch internet cat videos in relative peace. They are my first line of defense against talkative airplane passengers and are the ONLY way to listen to old school jamz.

I rock a pair of Bose QuietComfort 2's. If you're in Boulder and want to test drive them for, like, five minutes - give me a shout.