The New Airbnb Logo Looks Like Clippy

This is the new Airbnb logo.

I think it looks like Clippy after throwing his back out. 


Learning How to Make Animated GIFs - Pt. 2

I should have tried to make my eyes blink. Another time, another time.


Learning How to Make Animated GIFs

I have resolved to learn how to make animated GIFs because it's probably worth more than my degree. (I kid! I kid!)

Here's experiment No. 1:


I'm tickled pink.

Your Brand Means Less to Peeps

Some heartbreaking numbers from Adweek

(Click for larger version)


Rick Ross is the Red Teletubbie

It's true.


YouTube Asking Questions About Interests?

I may have missed this before, but is anyone else seeing questions pop up when you visit YouTube? Specifically about things you may be interested in?

I went to YouTube a few minutes ago, and the first thing on the page (after an ad about Superman at the top of the screen) was a question asking me if I like World of Warcraft:

Which I do. Of course. Who doesn't?

I presume this is a way for YouTube to recommend better content for me, based on what I've watched recently. But I figured stuff like that took place in the background, so I was a little surprised to see it manifest explicitly on the page. 


Arcade Stickers for Refrigerator

The next time I buy a refrigerator, I'm totally putting these on it.

The Wii Fit U Challenge Begins Tomorrow

I'm a Nintendo Brand Ambassador. It's pretty sweet. Because I'm a gamer with a deep, unwavering love for Yoshi, Nintendo sends me stuff on occasion so that I can immerse myself in a world of cute chirps and golden coins.

They recently sent me a Wii U console and a challenge - team up with my fellow ambassadors to get craaaaazy fit. After some soul searching, during which I found a bottle opener I'd been looking for, I agreed and was promptly added to the Green Team, aka Team "On Like Donkey Kong."

Basically I'm going to be playing a game called Wii Fit U and - most importantly - sporting a piece of wearable technology that Nintendo has released called the FitMeter. It tracks my steps and missteps in the real world whoaaaaaa.

I've so far resisted buying one of these things (whether it's a Nike Fuelband, Fitbit or Jawbone Up), so I'm pumped to finally see what it's like to track my calories, footsteps and moonwalk-to-cabbage patch ratio.

I have convinced my lovely fiancée to join me, so there should be twice the hilarity. Thanks for your support.

Disclosure: Nintendo has provided me with all the hardware and software referenced in this post. I was neither asked nor compensated to write this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

P.S. Thanks to Erini for the Green Team graphic!

The Halloween Pun Glossary 

People like Halloween puns. Especially if they can share them with the social media horde. I would like to collect all of them in one place. Care to contribute?

Howloween – used when posting photos of dogs wearing costumes

Folloween – used when suggesting people to follow (who are spooky?)

Malloween – used when posting photos of s’mores

Styloween – used when providing dodgy fashion advice

Mahaloween – used when posting Hawaiian vacation photos in October because you’re a jerk

Pauloween - used by dudes named Paul. Classic Paul.


I Think I Am Spending Too Much Time Online