Timbuk2 Calamity

One of the fasteners on my 5-year-old Timbuk2 messenger bag has been obliterated. In the image below, imagine that both of the outer prongs have been snapped off, preventing the mechanism from closing:

I'm pretty depressed about this. I've had this bag for a really long time and am reluctant to break in a new one. I'm going to use the power of Twitter to see if anyone has a simple solution.

I love the modern world. It turns out that Timbuk2 is on Twitter (@timbuk2) and they directed me to a $2 replacement fastener available on their website. Bless them!

Yes, Gossip Girl

Season two premiere of Gossip Girl is on Monday. (7pm on the CW – don't be late!) I am very eager to see my old pals the Waldorfs, Archibalds, van der Woodsens and Humphreys.

And Chuck Bass. 

I can't get enough of godless, smarmy Chuck Bass.

The cover of the screener that was sent to entertainment media prior to the start of the season can be seen above. That is Chuck, in all his pastry-based glory. It totally creeps me out, but that was probably the point.

Typo Brigade

A pair of grammar-obsessed vigilantes were recently arrested for correcting typos on signs across America. They got busted at Grand Canyon National Park (for correcting a typo on some in-park signage) and have been given probation and a year-long ban from national parks.

Martyrs! Blessed martyrs!

I love this. I am fanatical about grammar and spelling - especially on restaurant menus. On more than one occasion, I have considered taking matters into my own hands (by taking a Sharpie into my own hands) but have refrained because I'm too pretty for prison.

New Avatar Meme

If you've been spending any time on Twitter lately, you've noticed the new manga-themed avatars that have been spreading around.

Basically, go to faceyourmanga.com and recreate your face, using a bunch of cutesy facial options (button noses, huge eyes, freckles).

Then you download the finished product and use it around the web as your new avatar for the next few weeks - until the meme has been supplanted by something else. Because I love memes of all shapes & sizes, here is the avatar I created. Very accurate!

iStockphoto Monster

I was searching iStockphoto ("the internet's original member-generated image and design community") at work this morning and ran into a "temporarily unavailable" error page.

I was going to move on to something else when I took a second to actually look at the page. Uhhh, has anyone else ever noticed this before???

I mean, it's an octopus beheading a man in a bear suit. Whaaa?


Indonesian Food

I'm eating Indonesian food for the first time today. I expect to be befuddled by the menu and generally terrified of what the entrees will do to me. Unless, of course, they confer superpowers upon me. That would be amazing.

I need a haircut.

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