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GameCamp Boulder

The inaugural GameCamp Boulder took place last night (and the day before). It was a two-day "unconference" devoted to all topics related to gaming (whether digital or board games), organized by myself, Chris Vieville and Jeremy Tanner.

We followed an unconference format, which eschews planned speakers and sessions in favor of a make-it-up-on-the-spot approach that lets attendees determine the subject matter. It turned out extremely well. Here's a peep at the schedule, as rendered on the ubiquitous whiteboard:

GameCamp Boulder schedule

Topics included the ascent of independent game developers (bolstered by the iPhone), gamification/game theory in marketing, game design and game genealogy. We also looped in live demos of local tech from Jason Sosa's Immersive Labs and a test drive from the crew over at Orbotix.

Quite a few peeps commented on the energy in the room. I like to think that the mental titans in the room should be credited for generating such an electric environment, but it may have had more to do with the vast quantity of energy drinks available from our sponsors:

Sponsored fuel for GameCamp Boulder

The gaming community in Boulder/Denver isn't as "together" as it should be, so I hope this was a baby step toward making it more cozy.

HUGE thanks to GameCamp Boulder's sponsors: Oogave, Brain Toniq, Monster, Popchips, Pavlov Games, Able Planet and Boulder Canyon Natural Foods. Our crowd was absurdly appreciative and delighted with the caliber of snacks and drinks we were able to offer them. THANK YOU.

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